The one-sentence-summary:

Absorbing complex ambiguity
and passing along a simpler problem
- one that is solvable


Stefan Jenart Consultancy


As a strategist I provide an advanced understanding of what was previously a mystery.

A guiding solution of a collection of possibilities: Analysis, Marketing and User Experience all wrapped in one.

During the evening or weekend I assist you to prioritise your opportunities. 

Stefan Jenart Training

Training you
& your team

You have a wonderful team. Hungry to improve themselves. They will flourish when you provide them with learnings. You will even enjoy these yourself:

How to optimise your presentation?
How to give or receive feedback?
How to ask for something?
How to select your target audiences? How to select interesting content? 

Stefan Jenart Negotiation

& Mediation

A mediator and negotiator trained at the Harvard Program on Negotiation, the Catholic University of Leuven and the University of Utrecht. 

Preparing your negotiation, shadowing your own negotiation to provide improvements, mediating a conflict or training your negotiation team.